Events That Happened In The First Quater

games in candy land partyOur first quarter at Canyonville Christian Academy ends today.

There were many interesting events that happened in this quarter here a few below.

Last weekend,  we had a CandyLand party at our school.  We ate a lot of beautiful and yummy candy.  We also played some interesting games, such as taking photos, jumping and playing soccer.  We all had a great time at that night!

This Wednesday, the whole school lost power, actually all of Canyonville did too.  We couldn’t do our homework without lights so we all went out of the dorm.  Then we couldn’t go back in the dorm without a flash light because it was too dark to see anything.

We found flashlight and I went back to the dorm with my friends.  We turned on our flash lights and walked very slow and carefully.  But we were still scared by someone who was hiding in the dark!

Although we were out of power, we still had fun that night.

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