What’s Boarding School Like?

Does anyone want to know what boarding school is like? Boarding school is a place for some or all the students to live during the school year.  Some of them are native students, but most of them are international students.

This year is my first year in Canyonville Christian Academy. Last year, when I found out I was enrolled in this high school, I felt very excited. I was looking forward to see how Canyonville Christian Academy’s classes were structured.

I have lived in the dorm for about one month.  I think that living in dorm is a very interesting thing for me.  In the dorm, there are many different kinds of students from different countries, such as China, Rwanda and Russia, and Columbia and so on. We can have fun together, help each other study and also make many new friends from many different places.

Living at the boarding school, I can enjoy many interesting activities, such as barbecues, shopping at the mall and go on different school trips and so on.

I am very glad I came to Canyonville Christian Academy.

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