My First 30 Days At Canyonville Christian Academy

Making new friendships at an international boarding shcool in Canyonville, Oregon.As an American student coming to Canyonville Christian Academy it was a rather big change. The change was from being surrounded by all Americans to being surrounded by students from all around the world. I have always gone to a private school but this particular private school is different, it is also a boarding school. You see, at my former school, all my friends’ parents were there at the end of the day to pick them up and take them home, but here at CCA, my friends don’t have that option, they stay.

It wasn’t only the fact that these students lived on campus as well as study here that was the hardest to adjust to, it was all the multiple languages that was being spoken around me. I couldn’t tell if they were talking about me, someone else or just about their day. All these languages around me made me a little nervous. I often wondered to myself if I would be able to make friends with any of these students. Now, as my third year at CCA, I have become very comfortable around these students and have made many wonderful friends. I can even say that I’ve learned many phrases and words from multiple languages!

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