Students Are Leaving Public Schools for Boarding Schools

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolPrivate Boarding Schools are known for their focus on student education and mentorship in leadership positions. These schools engage the students in activities, classes and in roles prepping them as leaders.
Because of the smaller classes, choice of quality courses offered and quality time spent with the students, boarding students are better equipped for success. Read the following reasons of why the switch keeps growing.

Better Academics – More than 60% of International and domestic students enroll in boarding schools because of better education, higher SAT scores and (for the International group) more ESL courses offered. Stats also say that 90% of the students agree that they find their schools academically challenging: students spend more than twice as many hours a week on homework than their peers in public schools. That’s a huge difference already!

24-Hour Learning – With a uniquely challenging, but encouraging campus environment, these schools provide a very real support base. Students are very active inside and outside the classroom! Boarding Schools are known for keeping them engaged. Surveys show that boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than public school students, whether it is exercising and playing sports (12 hours vs. 9 hours), engaging in creative endeavors like music and arts (over 6 hours vs. 4-5 hours), or participating in student government and club activities.

Learning to Lead – One of the most distinctive characteristic of a private boarding school is that character development counts as much as academics. Also, the environment in which teachers live among their students, and students live away from home, creates the development of self-discipline and independent thought. Leadership opportunities also emerge with students developing the characteristics to lead out more, rather than to succumb to their peers. More than three quarters students say they have been given leadership opportunities, a far higher percentage than public and private school students. Students also gain an advantage of continuous interaction with their teachers outside of the academic setting, unlike their public school peers.

College Ready – It is globally known that boarding school environments along with the balance of closer mentor guidance and additional personal responsibility, delivers well adjusted graduates to a University well prepared, making them very attractive. Additional stats say that: 87% of graduates agree that they were well prepared for the non-academic parts of college life, which includes most importantly independence, social life, and especially time management.

Getting Ahead – Looking beyond college, these graduates are most often professionally accomplished and well balanced active adults. High percentages of graduates achieve top management positions than students from most public schools. Another impressive stat: 60% of boarding school alumni give to social service organizations, compared with 46% of all others.

Is your student academically challenged in a good way?


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