Excellent Courses Offered

As a boarding school, Canyonville Christian Academy offers a large variety of classes:

  • From ESL basic classes to Advanced English for SAT test prep.
  • Foreign Languages:  French I and II; Spanish I and II
  • 7 Different Sciences
  • Fine Arts – Choir, Art and Music
  • 6 Different Bible classes
  • History – 6 Different Levels
  • Mathematics – 11 Math courses from basic to Advanced Upper-Level.
  • 3 Different PE (Physical Education) classes
  • Over 6 Different Electives

For a complete list please visit our Course Descriptions


About Corinne

Education and training is a passion of mine that's huge part of success in today's exciting world of Social Media for B2B or B2C. You have to HAVE a solid web-presence, and know HOW to get one. Training and adding substance to businesses along with helping them increase in engagement levels and web-presence is a passion and a rewarding experience. Every day is different as there are new elements added or changed in the world of Social Media. Developing Brands, creating campaigns, exploring new options, presenting and speaking makes this an ever-changing full time adventure. I have helped clients with specific strategies in their niche, I also help businesses gain a foothold in the social media landscape along with strategically redesigning their web-presence. I offer full hands on training so that you are able to maneuver around the social stratosphere with the tool of your choice. Through in depth consulting and training, my clients have increased in web traffic, web presence and clients. I have shown tools available for specific company needs and helped train those interested with an In-house Social Media voice. Training in Wordpress web design or redesigning your site is also a large part of Social Media Strategies increasing your web presence.
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