Advantages and Disadvantages of Private School

There is a misconception that private school is guaranteed to be better for every student, however it completely depends on careful assessment of the individual child.  There are both advantages and disadvantages of private school. One advantage of private schooling over public schooling is that there are less students creating a more personalized education with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio.  As a result of the smaller population, students tend to create stronger bonds with classmates.

In addition there tend to be fewer disciplinary problems.  Because students usually stay in one private school for their entire academic career teachers get to know students very well and become a stable authority in the child’s life.  This way teachers can personalize discipline to be most effective for the student.

One other advantage of private schools is that the school has the freedom to design the curriculum to benefit the students as much as possible. Also, because parents are paying tuition they automatically have more of a say in what they want for their child.

Although there are many advantages, there are still disadvantages of private schooling.  One disadvantage is that there is increased inequality because private schools are allowed to refuse some students based on qualifications that the school sets.

Another disadvantage of private schooling is that there is a lack of social cohesion.  Most private schools have specific focuses based on religion, or academic level creating less diversity for students.  There is also a possible institutional bias on private schools that have been existing for a long period of time.  Often times this bias prohibits schools from accepting new ideas.

Although there are definitely both advantages and disadvantages of private school, there is no general conclusion that can be made to cover all situations.  Every student has particular needs and it is up to the parent to make the appropriate decision or their child.


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