Christmas Cheer at Canyonville Christian Academy!

Canyonville Christian Academy is getting ready for Christmas! You look around Canyonville, Oregon at night and you see CCA all lit up and you begin to feel the Christmas joy. Christmas break is just around the corner and students are getting excited about going home and spending Christmas with their family and/or friends.

Canyonville Christian Academy decorations on campusStudents from CCA got together and decorated the school. They hung up lights and put ornaments on trees, hung wreaths and even put up a nativity scene in front of the gym, representing baby Jesus’ birth. After a day of decorating, those who decorated, went to Seven Feathers for some really good food. Yum, Yum! That same weekend we had our home basketball tournament. Our boys varsity team brought in a win. The girls varsity team was not so lucky but they played hard! Hey, it’s only our first week, more to come from our teams, you did FANTASTIC! Good job Pilots!

We are all so excited about Christmas break, getting out of school, food, presents, seeing family and friends; but we must not forget the real reason for celebrating Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! So take some time this break to think about all He has done for you and be thankful. Don’t get mad and throw a fit if you don’t get that ipad you wanted or you got the wrong pair of shoes you had your eye on. Spend time with your family and relax, enjoy it. See you next year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!

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Before Christmas Break

girl's dorm, boarding school,canyonville christian academy, international boarding schoolChristmas Break is coming! CCA Students who live in the dorms of this boarding school seemed to be very excited!

Most students from this Academy will go back home for Christmas Break,  others will go to their relatives’ house or go on a trip with their friends.

Everyone is decorating the dorm for Christmas! Things such as put up a Christmas tree in the dorm, put a lot of small gifts on the Christmas tree or around it, and also putting colorful lights on the walls or on the windows.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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Events That Happened In The First Quater

games in candy land partyOur first quarter at Canyonville Christian Academy ends today.

There were many interesting events that happened in this quarter here a few below.

Last weekend,  we had a CandyLand party at our school.  We ate a lot of beautiful and yummy candy.  We also played some interesting games, such as taking photos, jumping and playing soccer.  We all had a great time at that night!

This Wednesday, the whole school lost power, actually all of Canyonville did too.  We couldn’t do our homework without lights so we all went out of the dorm.  Then we couldn’t go back in the dorm without a flash light because it was too dark to see anything.

We found flashlight and I went back to the dorm with my friends.  We turned on our flash lights and walked very slow and carefully.  But we were still scared by someone who was hiding in the dark!

Although we were out of power, we still had fun that night.

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The End of Quarter One at Canyonville Christian Academy!

Myself! High School Senior at Canyonvile Christian Academy in Canyonville, Oregon.First quarter finals already!?

All my friends that graduated Canyonville Christian Academy last year told me that my senior year would go by fast but I did not believe them.

I thought they were just saying that to make me worry or something. Now as a high school senior I am finding out that, they weren’t lying, they weren’t teasing, they were right (don’t tell them I said they were right).

As the first quarter is coming to an end I’m starting to realize that this year really is going to go by faster than I had thought. As a senior you have a lot to do, your keeping so busy and keeping busy makes time flys by.

The year, for Canyonville Christian Academy seniors, seems to go by faster, then for the lower class-men from what I’ve observed the past 3 years.  Not only do we have our high school classes but we have college planning and SATs and/or TOEFLs, and some are already taking college classes online!

So we may have alot to do and our last year of high school may go by fast, but it’s going to be a great year!  First quarter has ended, keep up the hard work and don’t get discouraged! Stay strong!

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Mall Trips Offered At Boarding School

mall shopping was fun with boarding school studentsStudents who live in boarding school always go to mall trips.  Because of living in the dorm is not like living our own home.  Students cannot get the things they need and want  without going on a mall trip.  Going on a mall trip is neccesary for students who live in the boarding school, besides it just fun to go shopping.

My first basketball shoes

I went to a mall trip to Medford with my friends last weekend.  We bought a lot of things and we also talked a lot about funny things which happened at school.  I bought two pairs of shoes; one is for chapel day, the other pair is for basketball.  I really like my basketball shoes, the colors are awesome.

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My First 30 Days At Canyonville Christian Academy

Making new friendships at an international boarding shcool in Canyonville, Oregon.As an American student coming to Canyonville Christian Academy it was a rather big change. The change was from being surrounded by all Americans to being surrounded by students from all around the world. I have always gone to a private school but this particular private school is different, it is also a boarding school. You see, at my former school, all my friends’ parents were there at the end of the day to pick them up and take them home, but here at CCA, my friends don’t have that option, they stay.

It wasn’t only the fact that these students lived on campus as well as study here that was the hardest to adjust to, it was all the multiple languages that was being spoken around me. I couldn’t tell if they were talking about me, someone else or just about their day. All these languages around me made me a little nervous. I often wondered to myself if I would be able to make friends with any of these students. Now, as my third year at CCA, I have become very comfortable around these students and have made many wonderful friends. I can even say that I’ve learned many phrases and words from multiple languages!

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What’s Boarding School Like?

Does anyone want to know what boarding school is like? Boarding school is a place for some or all the students to live during the school year.  Some of them are native students, but most of them are international students.

This year is my first year in Canyonville Christian Academy. Last year, when I found out I was enrolled in this high school, I felt very excited. I was looking forward to see how Canyonville Christian Academy’s classes were structured.

I have lived in the dorm for about one month.  I think that living in dorm is a very interesting thing for me.  In the dorm, there are many different kinds of students from different countries, such as China, Rwanda and Russia, and Columbia and so on. We can have fun together, help each other study and also make many new friends from many different places.

Living at the boarding school, I can enjoy many interesting activities, such as barbecues, shopping at the mall and go on different school trips and so on.

I am very glad I came to Canyonville Christian Academy.

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Students Are Leaving Public Schools for Boarding Schools

Canyonville Christian Academy Private Boarding SchoolPrivate Boarding Schools are known for their focus on student education and mentorship in leadership positions. These schools engage the students in activities, classes and in roles prepping them as leaders.
Because of the smaller classes, choice of quality courses offered and quality time spent with the students, boarding students are better equipped for success. Read the following reasons of why the switch keeps growing.

Better Academics – More than 60% of International and domestic students enroll in boarding schools because of better education, higher SAT scores and (for the International group) more ESL courses offered. Stats also say that 90% of the students agree that they find their schools academically challenging: students spend more than twice as many hours a week on homework than their peers in public schools. That’s a huge difference already!

24-Hour Learning – With a uniquely challenging, but encouraging campus environment, these schools provide a very real support base. Students are very active inside and outside the classroom! Boarding Schools are known for keeping them engaged. Surveys show that boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than public school students, whether it is exercising and playing sports (12 hours vs. 9 hours), engaging in creative endeavors like music and arts (over 6 hours vs. 4-5 hours), or participating in student government and club activities.

Learning to Lead – One of the most distinctive characteristic of a private boarding school is that character development counts as much as academics. Also, the environment in which teachers live among their students, and students live away from home, creates the development of self-discipline and independent thought. Leadership opportunities also emerge with students developing the characteristics to lead out more, rather than to succumb to their peers. More than three quarters students say they have been given leadership opportunities, a far higher percentage than public and private school students. Students also gain an advantage of continuous interaction with their teachers outside of the academic setting, unlike their public school peers.

College Ready – It is globally known that boarding school environments along with the balance of closer mentor guidance and additional personal responsibility, delivers well adjusted graduates to a University well prepared, making them very attractive. Additional stats say that: 87% of graduates agree that they were well prepared for the non-academic parts of college life, which includes most importantly independence, social life, and especially time management.

Getting Ahead – Looking beyond college, these graduates are most often professionally accomplished and well balanced active adults. High percentages of graduates achieve top management positions than students from most public schools. Another impressive stat: 60% of boarding school alumni give to social service organizations, compared with 46% of all others.

Is your student academically challenged in a good way?

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Excellent Courses Offered

As a boarding school, Canyonville Christian Academy offers a large variety of classes:

  • From ESL basic classes to Advanced English for SAT test prep.
  • Foreign Languages:  French I and II; Spanish I and II
  • 7 Different Sciences
  • Fine Arts – Choir, Art and Music
  • 6 Different Bible classes
  • History – 6 Different Levels
  • Mathematics – 11 Math courses from basic to Advanced Upper-Level.
  • 3 Different PE (Physical Education) classes
  • Over 6 Different Electives

For a complete list please visit our Course Descriptions

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Private School

There is a misconception that private school is guaranteed to be better for every student, however it completely depends on careful assessment of the individual child.  There are both advantages and disadvantages of private school. One advantage of private schooling over public schooling is that there are less students creating a more personalized education with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio.  As a result of the smaller population, students tend to create stronger bonds with classmates.

In addition there tend to be fewer disciplinary problems.  Because students usually stay in one private school for their entire academic career teachers get to know students very well and become a stable authority in the child’s life.  This way teachers can personalize discipline to be most effective for the student.

One other advantage of private schools is that the school has the freedom to design the curriculum to benefit the students as much as possible. Also, because parents are paying tuition they automatically have more of a say in what they want for their child.

Although there are many advantages, there are still disadvantages of private schooling.  One disadvantage is that there is increased inequality because private schools are allowed to refuse some students based on qualifications that the school sets.

Another disadvantage of private schooling is that there is a lack of social cohesion.  Most private schools have specific focuses based on religion, or academic level creating less diversity for students.  There is also a possible institutional bias on private schools that have been existing for a long period of time.  Often times this bias prohibits schools from accepting new ideas.

Although there are definitely both advantages and disadvantages of private school, there is no general conclusion that can be made to cover all situations.  Every student has particular needs and it is up to the parent to make the appropriate decision or their child.

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